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A South Crete Travel Memoir: Peter Trudgill’s In Sfakia (2008)

I continue the tradition of publishing great reviews of worthy but obscure books on my Substack TLS newsletter with this review of Peter Trudgill’s 2008 memoir, In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (Lycabettus Press. Athens).

Drawing on the author’s personal travel agency going back to the 1970s, Trudgill tells a sort of combined social history and travelogue, bringing to life one of Crete’s wildest and most colorful micro-regions. The Sfakians have always been known for their peculiarities, their fierceness, their indigenous recipes and fishing-ports, as well as their gorges of pure wind and stone-peaked mountains. What this foreign writer adds to the mix beyond a typical survey discussion comes in the form of his anecdotes (some too haunting to give away until you’ve read it).

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