Music Reviews

A lifetime lover of music who grew up playing guitar and seeing many concerts, Christopher Deliso has long enjoyed writing Music Reviews.

This page will be updated to include the author’s increasing number of music reviews published in various media.

Music Reviews by Christopher Deliso:
Christopher Deliso, “Khasi-Cymru Collective: Gareth Bonello in India,” Wales Arts Review, May 19, 2021.
This combination of album review and ethnographic essay investigates a very unique synergy between Welsh musician Gareth Bonello and the Khasi population of India, who shared a historic bond with Wales going back to the times of the British Empire, and have now collaborated on a groundreaking new record bringing together folk traditions of both peoples.
Christopher Deliso, “Tro by Gwyneth Glyn, Wales Arts Review, June 26, 2018.
This incisive review of the Welsh folk artist Gwyneth Glyn’s lyrical, evocative album Tro was commended by the Wales Arts Review‘s editors as having been one of the publications best reviews for the year 2018.