Lists & Itineraries

Trends in digital travel media towards more Lists & Itineraries have been acknowledged in some of Christopher Deliso’s writing, particularly for digital platforms and larger travel media publishers.

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The concept of lists, bullet-points and itineraries is not a classically romantic one, but it often suffices to get the job done in executable form, in the harsh reality of code, tables and rows. Thus the author presents a few examples of his work in this sub-genre of travel writing below.

Some Lists & Itineraries articles by Christopher Deliso:
7 Things to Know before Visiting Serbia
World Nomads May 19, 2021
7 Things to Know before Visiting Serbia,” World Nomads. May 19, 2021.
-Every first-time visitor to Serbia will appreciate this article, in which Christopher Deliso discusses everything from the best times to visit, the best places to see, and the unique regional attractions, festivals and events that make different parts of this increasingly popular Balkan country unique.
“How to Pick the Right Greek Island for You,” CNN Traver, September 5, 2011.
-With so many thousands of islands to choose from in Greece, how can visitors possibly narrow down the list to decide where they might wish to visit? In this article, Christopher Deliso discusses what differentiates a number of Greece’s most-known (and, some of its lesser-known) islands.
“Bulgarian road trip: Sofia to the City of the Tsars,” BBC Travel, November 16, 2010.
-In this road trip summary, Christopher Deliso points out the best sites and attractions that await curious travelers traversing the central Bulgarian countryside, between the capital of Sofia and evocative historic town of Veliko Tarmovo.
“Driving Greece’s modern ancient highway, the Egnatia Odos,” BBC Travel, September 27, 2010.
-In this documentation of an epic road trip, Christopher Deliso guides readers across the (then, just developed) Egnatia highway that shortened the journey across the mountainous reaches of Macedonia and Epiros, connecting the Ionian Sea to the border with Turkey.
Greece: The Inside Track,” The Guardian, May 10, 2009.
-Along with several other invited travel experts, Christopher Deliso provided content for a special feature on Greece. His recommendations for unique lodgings included the Archontiko Dilofo, a 475-year-old stone cottage in an idyllic mountain village in Zagorohoria, and the Milia Traditional Settlement, a soothing get-away-from-it-all rustic retreat in the mountains of western Crete.
How To Bag a Turkish Carpet,” Journeys Magazine (Princess Cruises), Spring 2006.
-In this entertaining brief article for the cruise industry, Christopher Deliso details the best strategies and signs to look out for in one of the most time-honored traveler acquisitions when visiting Turkey’s commercial capital of Istanbul: how to haggle for the obligatory Turkish carpet.