Another (fairly) New Short Story by Christopher Deliso- ‘The Accidental Playwright After’

…There is yet another new story to share, a comic one, which I only remembered because it is the weekend of the AFC and NFC championship games in the NFL of  (American) football. The winner of the games (Ravens-Chiefs, 49ers-Lioons) faces the other in the Super Bowl, in two weeks,
The story appeared on December 11, 2023 on Substack and is ostensibly about a disappointed playwright. Indeed, it is called ‘The Accidental Playwright After.’ Read it on the link there on my Substack TLS newsletter.
The reason I mention the story is not so much that I had predicted the Detroit Lions to advance to the NFC finals (that is arguable, of course), but because the informed reader will enjoy the allusions and antics coming from the past season which will be remembered as ‘the NFL is rigged!’ one, unless the same distractions continue next year…. one never knows.
On a more serious note, the story was also influenced by my year of diligent research on the understudied dramatic endeavors of Irish writer Flann O’Brien (that is, Brien O’Nolan). I think I have made some good new discoveries in that larger research, and in time, I hope that they will be published.