Culinary Travel

For Christopher Deliso, exploring and highlighting the best in fresh local food and drinks is an indispensable part of travel writing- often, at the end of the day, the most rewarding part.

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While culinary coverave is found particularly in the relevant review sections of his guidebooks, it has a way of popping up in all sorts of places in various texts. In some cases, the whole point of the adventure is paying homage to the recipes and viticulture of the natives. The below section offers some examples.

Culinary Travel articles by Christopher Deliso:
“A Day of Grapes and Great Cuisine, The Foody Traveller, November 10, 2015.
-In this special feature, Christopher Deliso makes a pilgrimage to sample several viticulture-related products in Northern Greece’s Halkidiki peninsula, ranging from grape jams and liquors to wines served at beachfront resorts.
A Day in the Life of the Greek Cafe,” Wave Magazine (Minoan Lines), 2004.
-This classic tale of Greek cafe culture, written for the former magazine of the ferry company Minoan Lines, takes a chronological approach to what is drunk, and when, during the average day in Greece, faithfully recording traditions and concoctions for the curious traveler.