Welcome to the official website of American writer Christopher (Chris) Deliso.

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For now, at least, it is just an approximation of the former Chrisdeliso.com website, which fulfilled the same function for many years but which had much more visual accompaniment (travel photo galleries, book covers, etc.).

The current, more ‘minimalist’ approach is only partly an aesthetic decision. The author is. after all, just a writer, and not a graphic designer, and the practically forced imposition by WordPress of the new ‘Blocks Editor’ is proving a rather steep learning curve at this moment in the website’s reincarnation. Thus, it will be some time before he can fully incorporate all the technological spolendor this new feature promises.

But maybe this is just ask well: after all, the author would prefer to highlight his writing above all else, and so perhaps a lack of fancy modern tech interface will be the most salurary and natural outcome.