Christopher Deliso is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, researcher, consultant and travel author with expertise in subjects as diverse as Byzantine philosophy, history, contemporary European events and literature.

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From the age of five, he felt writing as his vocation. He grew up exploring the tame yet lovely forests of New England and, much later, studied in old England- an experience that would be reflected in events that led him to Greece, Turkey and the Balkans.

Christopher Deliso has always viewed life as a great adventure and great miracle. The relative improbability of survival, let alone success, in the phenomenal world has always astonished him. Yet this philosophical observation has inspired the author, not depressed him. He has sought to bring this spirit of optimism and the experimental wherever he goes, both in his writing and life.
Over the past quarter-century, he has traveled in over 30 countries in Europe, the Caucasus and Middle East, and lived for shorter and longer periods in Ireland, England, Turkey, Greece and (now, North) Macedonia. He holds a BA in Humanities (Hampshire College, 1997) and an MPhil with Distinction in Byzantine Studies (University of Oxford, 1999). Drawing on his on-the-ground experience and rich academic background, Christopher Deliso has leveraged his expertise towards writing for major international publishers, consulting for private firms, and speaking at events at the highest levels. (Readers can explore the various drop-down pages on the website’s main menu for more details about each subject).
While some readers of this website might interpret that the author has achieved a certain degree of success in publishing, Christopher Deliso does not believe that any of it is particularly extraordinary. He considers his writing work as eternally only at its crudest and most elemental state. This is analogous to certain popular-science depictions of the early universe; and indeed, to be a writer can be as lonely and as hopeless a position as that of any divine creator possessing nothing but empty air, vast potential and unformed abstractions of matter.
Indeed, the author’s ambitions have always been far more grand than realizable. Despite his acute awareness of this impasse, he remains sanguine, the dream undiminished. All these years later, he is still always seeking to manifest the ever-elusive writing that will finally be perfect, a vision of comic ferocity as that of a tiger chasing its own tail.
Indeed, despite the inevitable setbacks and slowdowns of the publishing life, the author’s unflappable spirit of self-belief and certainty in his inherent capabilities will continue, in the years ahead, to help him realize long-planned publishing projects (particularly in various Fiction genres), which will delight and inspire readers new and old alike. Towards the achievement of this goal, he is grateful that you, the reader, send your good intentions and enthusiasm in spirit.