Editing, proofreading and all other text-optimization tasks come as second nature to Christopher Deliso.

As a lifelong writer who also directed a news & analysis website featuring correspondents from primarily non-native English speaking backgrounds, Christopher Deliso has spent decades carefully poring over words for grammar, style and substance on a daily basis. His attention to detail derives from both an understanding of grammar and structure, and mastery of meaning and implication. The result is texts that resonate with their target audiences and respect the requirements of the client.
In addition to having edited the former Balkanalysis.com website and all of his own personal writings, Christopher Deliso has also provided specialist freelance editorial services to various clients, most notably two Spanish firms that previously cornered the market for nation-branding and public relations in the so-called ‘advertorial’ special advertising supplements found in various leading international newspapers.
Between 2015-2018, Christopher Deliso took on numerous complex editorial projects under tight deadlines for these firms – by name, The Business Report and The Report Company. The business models and practices of both firms was essentially the same, and so the editorial work for both can be described collectively.
Thus, in this freelance editorial role, Christopher Deliso collated raw data from a variety of prepared sources, such as the interviews made by the companies’ on-ground ‘reporters’ with officials of the client governments and leaders pf the business communities there. The objective was to ensure that the interview texts were correct for publication, and to find particularly compelling quotes that really highlighted the overall editorial objectives of the pieces in question, which were multiple for each advertorial section.
In this role, Christopher Deliso was also responsible for collating provided data (such as graphs and statistics) into tables and boxes, while also doing a fair amount of original research to supplement the writing of the main texts themselves that really served to drive home the core messaging desired by the client countries. Thus, this role was not simply a complex editing task, but also an original writing project that required discernment and awareness of larger world current events and the specific contexts in which the client countries were to be perceived.
Some of the countries and jurisdictions Christopher Deliso covered in this freelance Editorial role included: Uganda; Ireland; Gibraltar; Maldives and Malta. These special advertising features appeared in major international newspapers, such as the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, The Guardian, and more. In addition to the purely technical editorial side of it, this professional experience was the opportunity to gain an enhanced view of international relations, corporate communications and the media industry from a new perspective.
Christopher Deliso has worked in the areas of editorial and proofreading, aside from corporate communications and website maintenance to proofing academic papers and monographs at the final stage of their editorial process to help their various authors, often adding a touch of enhanced professionalism and clarity- a service as invaluable as it is invisible to the reader.