Urban Travel

Exploring and re-exploring cities in the service of future travelers – making maps, getting lost, and enjoying both the most mundane and most remarkable of things – is among Christopher Deliso’s favorite pastimes as a travel writer.

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While the vast majority of his city coverage is to be found in his Guidebooks, some of Christopher Deliso’s Urban Travel features can also be enjoyed in his In-Flight Magazine articles section. Still other articles and mini-guides can be found online at the links below. travel

Some Urban Travel articles by Christopher Deliso:
Long Weekend: Skopje,” Urban Travel Blog, July 18, 2018.
-A detailed guide pf points of interest. places to see, eat and drink in Skopje.
Long Weekend: Pristina,” January 18, Urban Travel Blog, 2018.
-Welcoming traveler’s to Koosovo’s much-tramsformed capital, this article has unique tips on local attractions.
Thessaloniki, Greece: Stylish and Cultured,” GoNomad.com.
-A somewhat older look at Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, with all of its attractions.