Outdoors & Rural Travel

Tackling the great outdoors and visiting the eccentric rural redoubts of civilization nestled in these lesser visited places has always been a subject of particular fascination for Christopher Deliso.

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The below selection of insightful and humorous articles will not only inspire intrepid travelers; some have also intrigued ethnologists and anthropolgists due to their particular investigation of local realities.

Outdoors & Rural Travel articles by Christopher Deliso:
Jasen nature reserve: North Macedonia‚Äôs secret getaway,” Lonely Planet, January 2019.
Kratovo: A Town Worth its Salt,” Hidden Europe Magazine, July 2014.
Forget the Greek Islands, Head North Instead,” BBC Travel, August 5, 2010.
Zagorohoria,” Balkanalysis.com, February 2, 2008.
“A Tale of Two Villages: Labunishta and Vevchani, Macedonia,” Hidden Europe Magazine, May 2006.