In-Flight Magazines

Some of Christopher Deliso’s most elegant (and best-illustrated) travel articles have come in the form of In-flight Magazine features, bringing his writing before the eyes of readers, themselves engaged in travel high above the earth.

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As a freelance travel author for several global airlines, Christopher Deliso has presented unique takes on cities, countries and regions, drawing on everything from his knowledge of history to local customs and cuisine. The author is always happy to hear from In-flight Magazine editors for new commissions. Readers can enjoy past publications in this category at the links below.

Some In-Flight Magazine articles by Christopher Deliso:
Hip To Be Square: Thessaloniki, Greece,” Going Places Magazine (Malaysian Airlines), March 2013.
-In this fun new approach to an old friend, Greece’s second city of Thessaloniki, Christopher Deliso explores the country’s vibrant cultural capital by describing its variety of great squares- places of daily life, of lazy coffees, of commerce, to see-and-be-seen and so on.
Sofia’s Snack,” Morning Calm Magazine (Korean Airlines), December 2012.
-In this introduction to the dining habits of Bulgaria’s capital city, Christopher Deliso goes on the lookout for the best breakfast snacks and drinks in Sofia: essential information for hungry travelers.
Sofia,” Oryx Magazine (Qatar Airways), August 2011.
-In the run-up to Qatar Airway’s opening of direct flights to Sofia, Christopher Deliso explores the Bulgarian capital and unpacks its historical and cultural offerings for a curious new travel market.
Intimations of Byzantium,” Morning Calm Magazine (Korean Airlines), September 2007.
-In this sumptuously-illustrated feature on Turkey’s specacular, lonesome Anatolian heartland, Christopher Deliso explores some of the historical and archeological hidden wonders that dedicated travelers will find, far from the tourist traps of the country’s big cities and major attractions.