Experiential Travel

Unforgettable and unique local encounters comprise the real treasure of travel writing for Christopher Deliso.

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Experiential travel comes in many forms, and is recorded both in anecdotes in the author’s articles and books, and even sometimes forms the basis for entire travel stories. Below are a few examples.

Some Experiential Travel articles by Christopher Deliso

“The Rupite Mission,” World Nomads,May 31. 2020.
-In which the author gets pulled into an unlikely multinational expedition to the house-museum-shrine of the late Bulgarian mystic, Baba Vanga. The occasional advisor to the country’s former Communist leadership, and Vanga and her unusual predictions about future world events continue to entertain, amuse, and get media and public attention.
“Making the Drop-Off in Belgrade,” World Nomads, January 4, 2019.
-In which a luggage mix-up among four possible passengers in a Belgrade taxi results in an comic, and ultimate exchange and recovery of property that not only instructs the author in the ways of local commercial peregrination, but more importantly teaches him to have trust in the essential goodness of strangers when circumstance forces them to work together.