Contact Christopher Deliso for specific business- and publishing-related requests.

It’s not necessary to contact the author simply to express an opinion on his writing. If you like it, God bless you. If you don’t, God bless you doubly.
Contact Christopher Deliso if:
-You are a literary agent, or an entertainment lawyer (the author also writes songs);
-You are a publisher of books, particularly specially-designed special editions;
-You are a professional editor seeking freelance contributions on relevant subjects;
-You represent a consulting company in need of Christopher Deliso’s expertise;
-You represent an entity wishing to invite Christopher Deliso as a speaker;
-You run a writers-in-residency program, Creative Writing PhD program, or other literary destination at which Christopher Deliso could add to your writing community;
-You represent a city, region or country tourism board, or a hotel or other touristic facility and wish to hire Christopher Deliso for writing/promotional purposes;
-You run an independent company dedicated to any niche products of the highest quality that need to be reviewed (from music to local foodstuffs to books).