Christopher Deliso has vast and authoritative experience in Travel Guidebooks, having, having contributed to over 20 Lonely Planet country and region guides, plus best-of books, editions on food and drink, and more. The image gallery links titles below.

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Researching up to four consecutive editions of various titles, Christopher Deliso contributed to the LP guides to Greece, Greek Islands, Crete, Turkey, Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and Romania, Europe on a Shoestring, Southeast Europe, Spicy Foods, Lonely Planet Best in Travel and more between 2007 and 2015.

In his constant pursuit of excellence as researcher and writer, Christopher Deliso’s focus in Guidebook writing has always been on serving the needs of future travels. To his mind, this means not only pointing out the best places to stay, eat and visit, but also to take extra steps to explore and add previously undiscovered places and as such, to reward both travelers and bolster local economies.

Some of the regions and countries with which Christopher Deliso has written with most focus in Guidebooks include: Northern Greece; the Northeast Aegean Islands; Crete; Turkey’s Aegean coast; central Turkey; Northern,Central and Southern Bulgaria; all of the Republic of Macedonia (nowadays, North Macedonia). He also contributed to the Thomas Cook pocket guide to the Greek islands of Skiathos, Skopelos & Alonnisos (2011).