Science Fiction & Dystopics

In a world increasingly being sped up and driven by technological and scientific ‘progress,’ the sub-genres of  Science Fiction & Dystopia are ever-more-prevalent. Yet what can an anachronistically-minded writer who barely passed Algebra offer? Find out below.

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Some Science Fiction & Dystopics tales by Christopher Deliso:
The Captain’s Machine,” The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant, January 11, 2024.
-Dream fiction meets the history of computing, from marine biology to the Antikythira Mechanism to carefully-coded references to forefathers of the machine age and world literature. Even if you don’t spot all the allusions, you’ll enjoy this tale taking place on a one-way mirror sort of naval ship, on which the operators are concealed from view and, perhaps, transported through time on the other side.
How the Retrograde Curse was Reverse-engineered (and rather spectacularly, too,” The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant, September 11, 2023.
-Two acquaintances from a previous period are sent back in time on a particularly ominous eveninig, where they see an unknown ‘third man’ taken away in a van, at an urban lot frequented by disinterested teens. When they try to warn the youth of the eventual perils of the future, a curious business idea arises in the narrator’s head.
2032: Or, Empaths and Imprompterga in a Blighted State,” The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant, May 28, 2023.
-An Irish writer is transported 100 years into the future Britain of 2032, a land in which next-generation artifical intelligence devices are part of everyday life… and is given a strange mission allegedly required to ensure the entire possibility of both of their timelines, and the future of crystal holography. But what comes after the British Empire- and why should it matter to the writer?