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Writing about those special events that draw travelers to places large and small has long been a specialty of Christopher Deliso’s, and he is always happy to hear from organizers of festivals, concerts, fairs, competitions and convivial engagements of all sorts on the local, civic and national levels.

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Special events are always as unique as the people who attend them and the places that sponsor them. While the vast majority of the author’s events coverage is found in his travel guides, the below links collect some examples of articles devoted to evemt tourism.

Events Travel articles by Christopher Deliso:
“The Excitement of the Final Four in Belgrade,” Skylife Magazine, Turkish Airlines, May 1, 2018.
-Christopher Deliso here presents the best cultural and historic offerings of Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade for readers of Skylife, in the run-up to the EuroBasket 2018 Final Four held in the city and sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

“Carnivals warm guests in snowy Macedonia, The Denver Post, December 5, 2006.
-Christopher Deliso reports from the whimsical village of Vevchani in Macedonia’s lush southwest, the site of a 1,400-year-old masked carnival accompanied by plenty of local delicacies and rakija.