Beaches & Waterways

Because he has always felt just exactly at home in and around the water, it’s no surprise that Christopher Deliso has drawn significant inspiration in his travel writing from rivers, lakes, seas and islands.

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Here are some of the author’s works (many¬† more of which are found in travel guides like Greece, Greek Islands, Crete and Turkey).

Some articles on Beaches & Waterways by Christopher Deliso:

Adventures in Monk Collection,” The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant, July 1, 2023.
-A visit to Alonnisos, the Greek island hailed for its environmental protection and maritime park, has a comic twist with some advice from the locals.
Ohrid, Macedonia: City of Light, Timeless Travels Magazine, September 2018.
-In this magnificently-illustrated magazine feature, Christopher Deliso explores the historic sites and natural beauty of Ohrid, or as it was known in ancient times, Lychnidos- the City of Light, owing to its ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors coming from sky and vast water surface in the shade of Mt. Galicica.
A Day by the Lake: Simple Pleasures in Egirdir,” Hidden European Magazine.
-This whimsical magazine feature takes the pulse of sleepy Egirdir, a central Anatolian town built on a unique lake in the mountains, known for its cozy guesthouses, apple harvests, and proximity to both religious sect retreats and Turkish mountain warfare training bases. And then there’s the local food and traditional music…
Crete, Corfu or Kefallonia: find the perfect Greek island for you,” Lonely Planet, June 2011.
-This detailed article, accompanied by lavish photographs, assesses the best of some of Greece’s most beautiful and best islands.
A Classical Tale,” National Geographic Traveller UK, March 31, 2011.
-This narrative feature, accompanied by excellent photographs, captures the Greek island experience, weaving in elements of historic value and contemporary culture.
Seductive Southern Crete,” Lonely Planet, August 2010.
-In this feature article, Christopher Deliso examines exactly what sets apart his favorite part of of his most beloved Greek island.
Hidden Macedonia: The Mystic Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa (Haus, 2007).
-This full-length book travelogue, written in 2006, captures a circular journey made in that year by Christopher Deliso from Greece, into Albania and then Macedonia, organized around the shores of the twin tectonic lakes of Ohrid and Prespa that unite these countries. A snapshot of history and ethnography that preserves a common culture just before a period of change, this book remains popular even though it is long out of print.
Border Zone: Around Lake Prespa,” Hidden Europe Magazine, May 2007.
-Drawing on the same epic trip that would be documented in Hidden Macedonia, this magazine article includes several rare and evocative photographs by Christopher Deliso, as well as his often amusing recollections of the people he encounters along the lake.