Spiritual Travel

Celebrating the places, pilgrimages and traditions associated with the world’s  spiritual heritage has long been a subject of great interest for Christopher Deliso, and he has made numerous expeditions over the past quarter-century in search of the singular and even, of the miraculous- and written about it for global audiences.

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This Spiritual Travel output has appeared in feature articles, travel guidebooks, in magazines and even in chapters of full-length books. Readers can see the links below for some examples of Christopher Deliso’s Spiritual Travel articles.

Some Spiritual Travel articles by Christopher Deliso:
At the Crypt of the Church of Agios Dimitrios,” The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant, October 22, 2023.
-This historical travel piece documents a very special visit to a now-bygone Midnight liturgy at Thessaloniki’s main church- providing an eerie glimpse into what the experience of early Christians under the Roman persecution would have been like.
Twenty Years of Gratitude,” (book chapter/essay in Encounters on the Holy Mountain: Stories from Mount Athos, Peter Howarth and Chris Thomas, eds., Brepols, 2020).
-This thoughtful and inspiring essay, written for the Friends of Mount Athos’ 30-year anniversary monograph and containing essays from many other members, chronicles some of Christopher Deliso’s visits to the Holy Mountain since 2000 and highlights the common spirit of hospitality and faith that the kind monks impart on all of their guests.
Holy Stillness,” The tablet Traveller, March 8, 2014.
-This feature for British Catholic newspaper The Tablet documents a special visit the author made to Mount Athos in 2011, and provides a general introduction to this 1,600 year-old redoubt of Christian Orthodoxy.