Culture and Customs of Serbia and Montenegro

Christopher Deliso, Culture and Customs of Serbia and Montenegro (Greenwood, 2008)

Although now somewhat dated, this 2008 addition to Greenwood’s History of the Modern Nations series provides excellent detail on the major historical figures and periods of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as those who contributed to its cultural development in terms of philology, literature, the arts and architecture, drawing on a range of vital historical periods right up to the present. Its discussion of early-21st century events has been surpassed by more recent works; however, as a cultural companion to the larger legacy that underpins the Serbian and Montenegrin experience, it remains useful for general readers and Balkan enthusiasts alike.


“A specialist on the Balkans, American journalist and travel writer Deliso does not take up the issue of recent events in Yugoslavia and its successor states nor the worldwide portrayal of Serbians as monsters. He includes just enough history to provide a foundation for discussions of the land and people; religion and thought; marriage, gender, family, and education; holidays, customs, and leisure; cuisine and fashion; literary and performing arts; and art and architecture.”—Reference & Research Book News, May 1, 2009

From the publisher’s 2008 book description:

“With their recently declared independence from one another in the aftermath of the breakdown of the USSR, Serbia and Montenegro are coming into their own, all while keeping their long histories of traditions and customs alive and growing. A blend of Eastern traditions with European cultures provides a unique foundation for these Balkan countries. Narrative chapters examine every day contemporary life in Serbia and Montenegro, focusing on topics such as daily religious practices, gender roles, family life, cuisine, fashion, literature, art and architecture, and more. This volume is the perfect addition to high school and public libraries, and is even ideal for college students studying abroad.”