Experimental Literature

Some of Christopher Deliso’s own favorite writers have been acclaimed for their Experimental literature. The author thus includes multi-media and linguistically distinct literature in his understanding of writing as an art that can multiply meanings and become ‘more than’ itself.

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The author’s minimalist, 20th-century disposition has informed his approach to working with combining physical materiel and the digital. At the same time, his love of philology and foreign languages has reflected on his own understanding of English and, perhaps, a language of his own in the future.

Some Experimental Literature by Christopher Deliso:
Poem Brut #45:Questionnaire for National Security,” 3:AM Magazine, October 6, 2018.
-From careful observation of the lunacy of forms, a multi-media art and wry fictional story on the legendary ‘TSC form,’ created with the help of coffee rinds, lipstick, pen and a sticky-note. The scenario is simply that ofa drunken college student filling out a form, sending it in, and gaining unexpected interest from the powers-that-be.
“Some Notes on the Inflection of ‘Lobster,'” The Pedestal, 2013 (original 2000 version)
-The original text, written in 2000, is uploaded here; it is the original draft of an unchanged story later published in the former Pedestal poetry magazine. ‘Some Notes’ is a mock-academic essay with footnotes, written by a future author, on the declensional system of an elevated linguistic structure known as ‘New Poetic English.’ The story raises important linguistic issues, and stands as the first creative effort toward the 2000 novella, The Third Emperor of California, taking place in that same future space.