A Halloween Story from Christopher Deliso- ‘My Halloween at the Revival Society’

It is unlikely, almost impossible, for a writer to publish a story within a narrow-window themed section (such as Halloween ones) of literary journals and magazines, given the competition and especially on short notice. What was even odder about my new story is that it was actually written on Halloween morning (of 2021), and thus was immensely rewarding to get a rather quick result, only having to wait a year before the right opportunity came to publish.

You can enjoy my my first ghost story, the paranormal tale ‘My Halloween at the Revival Society,’ in the Halloween 2023 edition of Mystic Owl Magazine. It is a very unusual story – one allegedly written by another author, a century ago – and it miht as well could be, having been written in six hours after waking up from a dream on Halloween morning, with the vision of the paranormal levitating game board in mind…

Existing in the nebulous space between horror, comedy and bureaucratic inanity, the story relies on historical allusions and misdirection, Sterneian prefaces mixed with shades of Poe, but in the end, remains something unique to me.