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Eric Ambler’s Literary Sub-Texts and the Greece-Turkey 1923 Population Exchanges: The Past as Eternally Present

This very unique combination of literary assessment, philosophy and history was inspired by an academic event held in Athens last month, which was devoted to the humanitarian aspects of internaitonal philanthropy concerning the Greek-Turkish population exchanges in the years around 1923.

The event, which featured many important speakers and broke new ground in the research on the topic, also inspired me to recall the influence that the harrowing war events had on one of Britain’s great innovators in the genre of the thriller, Eric Ambler. In my Substack newsletter article here, I cover Ambler’s influence and key characters – real individuals like arms dealer Basil Zaharoff – who he immortalized in his 1939 novel, The Mask of Dimitrios/A Coffin for Dimitrios.

As usual, there is additional video footage to the conference as well as informaiton on how to purchase the book.