New Short Fiction from Christopher Deliso- ‘The Captain’s Machine’

The Captain’s Machine,” published in my Substack newsletter, The Traveller’s Literary Supplicant (1/11/24), is a really interesting story. It is quite short, if loaded with coded references to literary works, computing history, military history and even marine biology… it is a sort of combination of the genres of dream-fiction and science fiction, with potential aspects of time travel thrown in for good measure.
The story is educational and entertaining, and I intend to continue with more unique works of such a cross-genre approach in the year ahead. I anticipate this not only as a reaction to how I expect developments in the world of computing (such as artificial intelligence, AI) to go, but fundamentally, the idea of what preserves us, what keeps us human and unique; and for this we must often thank and cultivate the world of dreams and the sub-conscious.