New Fiction since the Summer from Christopher Deliso

The summer of 2023 was a very busy period of writing, rewriting and long edits for future submissions as the writing process continues. Amidst all that, several stories, both new and old, were published by Christopher Deliso on his Substack Traveller’s Literary Supplicant page.

Among them was July’s short story, ‘The Man with the Famous Name,’ about the descendant of a famouse family, a birthday purchase, and an unexpected memory.

Second came the historical-literary fable, ‘What Was Lost,’ about the British Lt Col. Percy Fawcett, legendary explorer of the Amazon. It is at heart a Borgesian take on narrative and misdirection.

Then, came the time-travel fabulist narration, ‘How the Retrograde Curse Was Reverse-engineered (and rather spectacularly, too),’ on 11 September. Although a short enough story, it compacts several layers of narrative influence and sourcing to redirect the narrative.

Most recently, on 1 October, Doge Dandolo’s Negotiations in Hell, offers a comic historical satire featuring the wily Doge who led the Fourth Crusade of 1204 against the Byzantine Empire (for Paid subscribers- of course, feel free to take a seven-day free trial to enjoy the tale and see if you’d like to subscribe to the Traveller’s Literary Supplicant).